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Welcome and thanks for surfing by. I am the real Justin Horth, a born again web developer. This site hosts some of my work. Huge thanks to the coding community of Youtubers, you'll see projects I've adapted by people like Ania Kubow. I've been learning a lot from her, and other awesome channels on youtube, including The Net Ninja, Traversy Media, CSS King Kevin Powell, Colby Fayock, freecodecamp and many more. I really appreciate all the resources available! I've been using Wordpress for years, am getting up to speed with CSS, Javascript, frameworks, so far have done React, Nextjs, Gatsby, Vue3 and am also interested in blockchain developments, nfts and such. Really enjoy using VSCode and Nodejs to develop and run projects locally. Check around my sites, domains, to get an idea of my development portfolio! I'm open to partnerships, freelancing and stuff. Questions or to get in touch, please feel free to Contact Me 📧 I appreciate you stopping by, so shoot me a message to say hi! Justin :)


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Since about 2005 I started working as small engine tech, and got into heavy equipment, and then on to forklifts. It paid the bills and was a good way to make a living, support my wife and son for the past 16 or so years. I've worked on Stihl, Toro, Snapper, Echo, Craftsman, Scag, Nissan, Toyota, Yale, Ditch Witch, Electric, Deisel, LP and many types of machine...

Contact me for pricing a Lawn mower repair or maintenance job 🤣

I became interested in web design way back when I got my first PC, back in the early 90's, playing games like Rainbow 6, Half-life, Commanche, and so on. ZX81,Vic20, C64, Amiga PC throughout childhood! Self taught HTML, ventured into PHP, MySQL and had a bunch of website submission and viral scripts that I purchased the retail rights to and still have, for a while I published an internet marketing newsletter called Acewebzine, and dabbled in a couple of network marketing ventures. Now I'm back online, following my passion for web devs, and crash coursing frameworks,! Having fun with and diving into frameworks, launguages and the technicals, with a goal to understand the full stack (JAM)🤘

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# Web Dev Hosting / Desciption Rough Price
1 Single Page / OpenSea iframe NFT Gallery No, can ftp to your site Custom Pricing
2 Wordpress Site Design, Hosting, Basic Maintenance Custom Pricing
3 JavaScript Game No, can ftp to your site Custom Pricing
4 Domain, Design, Hosting Register, Design, Deploy Custom Pricing
5 Hourly / Freelance Remote (EST) Custom Pricing
6 Consulting, Zoom Calls Design, Develop Together Hourly Rates
7 Search Engine Optimization Customized SEO improve search results! Custom Pricing

For two years, I studied percussion at UNCG School of Music with an emphasis on marimba 🎶 Later on, after coming back to the US, I've played drums in various bands and with artists including, The Mantras, The Radials, doby, The Monkey Mind, Marcus Horth Band, Abe Reid, Where's Eddie?, The Grand Ole Uproar and The Greensbrothers. Along the way and had some great fun times! Still love to pick up my guitars and am getting into recording and having fun with some DAWs, drum machines and learning to make music videos to go with it.
CryptoBitpunk Website

Crypto Coin Dashboard

This is a Next.js Crypto coin tracking site, Coingecko API deployed from github and builds on Vercel.

Launch Website🚀
Country feels radio Website

Project metaverse live events calendar. Name and ENS ready. web3 place for poetry, signing, concerts, talks, lessons, etc...

Launch Website🚀

A static site with a Mario Kaboom js game, developed from an Ania Kubow tutorial. Hosted on my Godaddy hosting 👍

Launch Website🚀
non-fun nft gallery

Non-Fungi XYZ

A Gatsby site, React / GraphQL, builds Postings from Markdown, optimized, fast, customizable site on 'the edge'.

Launch Website🚀
non-fun nft gallery

This is a site I built that embeds any OpenSea NFT gallery and also adds a responsive navigation bar to the top.

Launch Website🚀
fun bay next js site

A Next.js project Jamstack site with headless Contentful CMS, served on Vercel.

Launch Website🚀
TTS Text to Speech

Text 2 Speech

This is a TTS project site I followed by Traversy Media. Paste in text and have it spoken back in the browser.

Launch Website🚀
Humblcoin dogeshrooms

NFT Launch

This is a mock NFT launch site, with an embedded NFT gallery, a Kaboom js game and countdown timer.